[plt-dev] naming poll

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 23 08:37:14 EDT 2010

Below is a list of the pairs of names that were posted in the previous
thread. Some of them were silly (several of mine were) and perhaps
others picked silly ones too. Please sort the list to indicate your
preferences (most preferred to least) and post here. Note that if you
want to include multiple items at the same preference level, you can
put them into a sublist.

Also, I think I should probably clarify something (in case this wasn't
obvious!): PLT is really a confederation of cooperating despots; these
poll results help inform decisions, but we're not voting here
(everyone knows that democracy doesn't work, right? ;). In particular,
I suspect that if "racket mousekatool" wins the poll, it probably be
the decision we take.

("mill gizmo"
 "r rt"
 "ra ket"
 "rac ket"
 "racket gizmo"
 "racket krkr"
 "racket moblammo"
 "racket mousekatool"
 "racket racket-tool"
 "racket racquet"
 "racket rico"
 "racket rkrk"
 "racket rkt"
 "racket rktool"
 "racket rocks"
 "racket rorr"
 "racket rtk"
 "racket tekcar"
 "rk rkt"
 "rk rt"
 "rkt rktool")


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