[plt-dev] Format of push notification emails

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Apr 22 20:37:50 EDT 2010

An updated format is now in place -- I went over the details with Sam,
so I think it satisfies most requests now.  (You should have seen some
new message in the burst of messages when the mail issues were resolved.)

Reading through some messages, one thing that I'm not happy about is
not listing the changed files next to the commit messages.  The
problem is that several people (including myself) tend to write commit
messages that rely on the implicit context of the files that were
touched.  For example, consider Sam reading a log message from me that
says "Fixed a bogus reference to bleh" -- the way he should read it
depends very much on whether the file was one of my files, or
something in typed scheme.  So I'm leaning towards adding a file
change summary after each log message -- any hard objections, or
better -- any ideas how to make this work but keeping the email

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