[plt-dev] Format of push notification emails

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Apr 21 22:10:04 EDT 2010

Currently, the format of the push notification emails is

(1) a highlevel overview of the push, for example:

      mflatt has updated the `master' branch
      from commit 895ca49f9c8b82fcc3f453b49e6b3938ecc1713a
        to commit 5d6ae2b4b9cf00b96095cb86c68c9b61f0f573ce

(2) a "Change Summary" section that lists all the files that were
    modified/created/renamed/deleted with the number of line changes
    in the combination of all of these commits

(3) a listing of all of the commits, each one with the sha1, author,
    date, log message and one-line stats

(4) an "Overall Diff" part which has the full diff (in the form of a
    patch) for all of the commits.

Are there any comments on this layout?  I can make some changes to
this, for example:

* Have the commits listed first (swap (2) and (3))

* Instead of (2), proivide that information next to each commit, for
  the changes in that commit

* Also, each commit could be listed next to its own diff, instead of
  one combined diff (which sounds like it can be too verbose)

* I thought about showing URLs for the web interface, but since
  they're mostly going to be the same prefix with some sha1 at the
  end, maybe it should include just a pointer to where the web
  interface is


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