[plt-dev] git move

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Apr 16 17:09:16 EDT 2010

I'm close to doing the switch now.  My general plan (pending delays
induced by sleep deprivation) is:

* Write some quick notes on how to use simple commands.  These will
  include some svn equivalents (possibly borrowing and adapting from
  the way too many sites about).  This should be done some time
  tomorrow, possibly late in the day.

* ==> Switch to git at roughly the *same* time.

* The switch will basically be a decision to use the git repository as
  the main one and openning it for writing.  The subversion server
  will stay active *and* writeable.

* Since I already have an easy way to do so, I will continue to
  propagate commits on svn to git, and I will also add propagating
  commits from git to svn.

* But the git repository would be the main one because:
  - I will not propagate anything that happens on branches -- so all
    branch work would have to be on git.  (Unless there's some
    desparate need for it.)
  - I might not propagate things from git to svn as often -- as long
    as it's working fine to commit stuff there, it should be fine to
    have only occasional propagations in that direction.  Hopefully,
    most of the traffic on svn will dwindle naturally until I'll stop
    these propagation.
  - I will not do any kind of hacking to fake commit messages,
    committer names, dates, or even commits -- just an occasional svn
    commit that will lump updates on the git side.  (I'll have a
    commit message that says that.)

* Once things settle down, I'll turn svn to be read-only.

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