[plt-dev] rico

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Apr 4 18:12:07 EDT 2010

On Apr  4, Jon Rafkind wrote:
> Thats cool. Could rico separate different commands by their respective 
> module? Maybe also force some prefix so that identical commands can be used.
> $ rico --help
> * compiler commands
>     c-ext ...
>     make ...
> * htdp commands
>    whatever ...
>    make ...
> If the user just chose `make' then it would select the one with the 
> highest precedence, otherwise they can use --htdp:make to select that 
> specific one.

That would be roughly the same as `racket -l htdp/make', only with
precedence to make sure that you always use the full name because
you'll rely on it.

And for this reason, IMO it would be good to throw an error if a
command is redefined somewhere -- so random tools cannot grab `rico

And this leads to one feature that could be nice here -- git has
aliases which are really a nice way to let you choose your commands
and still have the `git <verb>' interface.  It would be nice to be
able to do the same here -- so I can set my preference to have `rico
s' be the same as `rico setup'.  And for the above reason, git doesn't
allow these aliases to override known commands, which applies here

(It's also possible to extend git in this way by having some `git-foo'
executable in your PATH -- which is equivalent to adding an info entry
in the above.)

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