[plt-dev] Release Announcement for v4.2.2

From: Kathryn Gray (kathryn.gray at cl.cam.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Oct 2 08:49:03 EDT 2009

On 2 Oct 2009, at 1:40:43, Eli Barzilay wrote:

> Specifically pinging: Matthias/Robby (htdp), Kathy (test-engine),
> * test-engine changes
>  - Change to behavior in interactions window. Option 1 implemented.
>  - Turning off the nag

I don't know that these really warrant a blurb, particularly the  
former, but here's one for the nag's removal.

* The test engine in the HtDP languages no longer warns programmers  
when the Definitions window has no tests.


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