[plt-dev] Objections to removing class100?

From: Stevie Strickland (sstrickl at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 23 10:08:10 EST 2009

On Nov 23, 2009, at 8:24 AM, Michael Sperber wrote:
> As I said: As far as I'm concerned, zap it.  Thanks for explaining the
> rationale!

Well, I've been thinking, and I have a question for you: do you ever pass super-init any arguments in your uses of class100?  If you use the -asi forms, that's not necessary to tell me, as they don't cause the bad behavior.

If you don't, then I can likely provide something that'll work for you with no changes at all.  If you do, and that use of super-init is not at the class top-level, then I still may be able to do so with only a couple changes needed to your code (an example of how you use it might be useful for determining whether this is the case).


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