[plt-dev] Installation directories on Mac OS X

From: Thomas Deniau (thomas at deniau.org)
Date: Thu May 21 15:42:51 EDT 2009

Hi !

I'm trying to update the MacPorts port of mzscheme to version 4.1.5  
(the current port is at v. 372).

The way mzscheme is installed by the previous Portfile is quite  
strange : for example, scheme.h is installed directly into $(prefix)/ 
include/ instead of $(prefix)/include/plt.

The problem lies in the following lines of mzscheme/configure.ac :

if test "${enable_xonx}" = "yes" ; then
   if test "$OS" = "Darwin" ; then

in the ./configure help, enable_xonx is documented as concerning MrEd  
only. I agree that problems may occur of unixstyle is enabled and MrEd  
is built (frameworks, ...), but why should unixstyle be disabled if  
MrEd isn't being built ?

I did some quick tests with enable_origtree=no in the "Darwin" clause,  
and everything still seems to work (and the install locations are  
cleaner, with everything in the right subdirectories).

Are there deeper reasons that would force origtree to yes on OS X even  
without MrEd ?


[ I just had to add support for the Mach-O executable format in  
unixstyle-install.ss -- a one-line change to add the Mach-O magic  
number -- and to use install_name_tool to tweak a framework path]

Thomas Deniau
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