[plt-dev] strange printing problems in Windows

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed May 20 15:35:10 EDT 2009

When I try to print from Windows, it seems to truncate portions of the 
document. I tried printing the definitions window earlier today and it 
only printed the first 6 pages of maybe a 7 or 8 page file. When I print 
the interactions window, it only prints a few pages at a time. I had 
about 16 pages of REPL interaction I wanted to print, and I had to print 
it in 6 chunks:

     1. pp. 1 - 5
     2. pp. 6 - 9
     3. pp. 10 - 11
     4. pp. 12 - 13
     5. p. 14
     6. p. 15

The bottom of the p. 15 cuts off partway through, and it won't print 
anything after that.

When I have a shorter REPL interaction, it prints it all in one chunk, 
but it still just cuts off at some point.


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