[plt-dev] all versions >= 4.1.5.x *very* broken in Windows

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon May 18 14:17:12 EDT 2009

This is pretty critical: on Windows, recent versions of DrScheme are 
repeatedly freezing. I've sent a couple emails about this, but I'm 
seeing it more and more since then. I updated to today and it's 
just as bad or worse.

It seems to be when DrScheme loses focus-- esp., I think, when part or 
all of the window needs to be repainted-- and I try to refocus on 
DrScheme and it won't come back.

I would recommend tracking this one down before releasing. It's 
happening frequently enough that I suspect it's not a fluke. I'm happy 
to provide any additional info; just let me know what to look for.


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