[plt-dev] Re: more requests for typed-scheme

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Mar 21 23:36:41 EDT 2009

On Mar 17, Dave Herman wrote:
> > Everyone, please find things you find useful in srfi/1 :-)
> FWIW, my favorites that I think are still absent from scheme/list:
>      count, list-index, take-while, drop-while, span, break

I added `count', and made the `srfi/1' version reprovide it.  (This
will not e in 4.1.5, of course.)  It'll also be easy to add
`take-while' and `drop-while' -- but the others are more problematic,
at least IMO:

* list-index: does it *have* to have this name?  Perhaps we can use a
  better name?  (This already happened -- we have `append*' which Ryan
  suggested, which is the same as `concatenate' in srfi/1 -- and I
  think that `append*' makes much more sense).

* span, break: these are even worse -- not only are the names vague
  enough to not tell me what they do, they're names that are very
  popular in other contexts.  It's even two very different contexts,
  so the potential damage is doubled.  (The damage being unexpected
  names propagating through to packages that already have those

> Also all the lset stuff, though that might make sense to provide as
> a different library.

This should definitely be a separate library, IMO.

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