[plt-dev] request for typed library

From: David Van Horn (dvanhorn at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 17 08:58:20 EDT 2009

Kathy Gray wrote:
> On 17 Mar 2009, at 12:30:42, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
>> I'd like the textual part of htdp/testing to be turned into a typed 
>> library. If it is, is it checked in? -- Matthias
> htdp/testing is deprecated and, as I keep saying, should disappear when 
> there are no more requirements on it.

I find htdp/testing quite useful for lightweight testing and simple 
porting of Student programs to Scheme.

If it goes away, something as easy to use should replace it.  Which I 
guess prompts the question: why have it go away at all?


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