[plt-dev] in-place build directory (was re: build error with svn 14677)

From: Andrew Reilly (andrew-scheme at areilly.bpc-users.org)
Date: Mon Jun 22 03:44:03 EDT 2009

Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I'm just back from
holidays and catching up on the list...

On Fri, May 01, 2009 at 08:20:00PM -0400, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> On May  1, John Clements wrote:
> > So what? Does it matter if everyone creates a build directory?
> It only matters in being more complicated than it could be.  You only
> need a brief look at Matthew's version of the file to know that
>   ./configure; make; make install
> should work as expected, and I think that it is desirable to keep this
> property.  (But just to clarify, the README file is something that
> Matthew writes and maintains, so I don't want to commit a change that
> I'm not willing to defend personally.)

The FreeBSD port of plt-scheme goes to the additional effort of
doing the mkdir src/build; cd build; ../configure; ... steps
because back when I was creating it, build-in-place did *not*
work.  Something to do with tree-spanning paths in the xform
step that I never did get to the bottom of: making ports use a
separate build directory was much simpler.

If ./configure works now, that's really great, and I'll be happy
to simplify the port accordingly...  [I'm two releases behind,
now.  Sorry about that.  Will try to find time to catch up.]



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