[plt-dev] Re: [plt-scheme] SchemeUnit confusion

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Jun 9 14:14:00 EDT 2009

Dave Gurnell wrote at 06/09/2009 10:01 AM:
> We've partially dealt with this by writing a bunch of shell scripts 
> that let us switch back and forth between PLT versions on our dev boxes.

Similar thing here.  Though the makefiles for development and production 
all specify absolute paths to the appropriate  
"/usr/local/plt-<version>" directory.

> We're now easing back from that, only upgrading when we have to, 
> instead of when we simply like the look of a new feature.

Similar thing here.  I just advised a client that they could keep 
production systems at an earlier 4.x version for now, and just edit the 
makefile temporarily if they want to use 4.2 for the profiler or other 
improved development tools.


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