[plt-dev] Scribble-generate HTML documentation is too wide

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Feb 23 15:33:11 EST 2009

Matthew Flatt wrote at 02/23/2009 08:51 AM:
> But is there a good way to allow readers to customize the view? Or is
> configuration via CSS about the best we can do?

Using JavaScript, we could have a little button in the page that the 
user clicks to toggle between "normal" and "space-saving" layout 
dynamically.  It could store a cookie to remember the user's preference.

I suspect that a lot of users would prefer an autohide TOC (with a 
protruding tab that can't be missed in a clean layout) and inline 
"margin notes".  Being able to glance back and forth between doc and 
code is a big win.

> Instead of making the whole page body a fixed width, we could apply a
> fixed width to just the elements that need it. But those are exactly
> the elements that you're likely to be reading in the docs, so I don't
> think it would change the effective width of the document.

As YC said, the code examples can be put in "div" that introduces its 
own scrollbar when the container is not wide enough.  I have been using 
this myself for a few years.

(Sorry so terse and no examples, but I have to run out the door.)


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