[plt-dev] logging: strings vs. sexps

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Feb 19 13:07:54 EST 2009

On Feb 19, Dave Herman wrote:
> The `log-message' procedure (etc.) would need to be generalized from
> taking a string to taking an S-expression, but this would require
> one backwards-incompatible change: the system would have to `write'
> the data, not `display' it. Otherwise you'd get entries like
>      (foo #t 42 don't tell anyone. hello, world)
> Logging is still a pretty new feature, so I bet it's not too late to
> make this change. Opinions?

But the thing that actually goes out to the log *is* just a string, so
the above suggestion makes it impossible to use it.  IOW, writing
strings allow writing sexprs but not the other way.  IYOW, you can
write sexprs now, but given that change you won't be able to write

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