[plt-dev] update on experiment in re-implementing MrEd

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 6 18:18:50 EST 2009

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> For you amusement, I've put my current work here:
>   http://svn.plt-scheme.org/plt/branches/mflatt/mred-experiment/
> It's really two pieces (though currently somewhat tangled):
>  * "wxme" subdirectory: A port of the editor class (`editor<%>',
>    `snip%', etc.) from C++ to Scheme.
>    There's nothing really to see, yet, except a big pile of code. It's
>    about 75% done, and it should be worthwhile whether or not the rest
>    of the experiment pans out. It could be ready to merge into the SVN
>    trunk sometime in March, or maybe even sooner.
>  * "cocoa.ss", "gtk.ss", and "win32.ss", with associated
>    sub-directories: Proof-of-concept bindings to Cocoa, GtK, and Win32
>    using `scheme/foreign'. For example, under Mac OS X, you can run
>       mzscheme cocoa.ss
$ mzscheme gtk.ss
ffi-lib: couldn't open "libobjc.so" (libobjc.so: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory)

Under linux. I'm not sure exactly where its coming from, I took out the 
ffi/objc from gtk/utils.ss, but there must be other references.

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