[plt-dev] Re: launchpad instead of gnats?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Dec 10 16:47:52 EST 2009

On Dec 10, Robby Findler wrote:
> [ I've talked a little bit with Sam about this already -- this message
> is intended to restart the discussion w/ a wider audience. ]
> Eli, Sam: what do you guys think about using launchpad to do our bug
> tracking work, instead of gnats?
> I see the two main advantages: a) it is easier to work with and should
> help us keep track of our bug reports more effectively and b) someone
> else (not us!) runs the site.

Questions to consider:

* Can it do what gnats is doing?  Specifically,
  - the nag thing,
  - an email for new bug notifications,
  - an email for bug discussions,
  - responsible person (= email) that defaults to the "everybody" email
    and can change later to the specific person who deals with it,
  - being able to have "write access" for people who need to have it

* How much work is involved in migrating the current DB over?  (It's

* How much work is involved in having users set up?  (Ideally, a
  single upload of a list of emails would be good; worst is when
  that's not possible *and* everyone needs to register individually
  with launchpad.)

* Is it possible to download all the bugs back from them?  (In case
  that's needed -- for example, you needed it once, IIRC.)

* How reliable are they?

* (Maybe Aziz can answer some of these since he's using launchpad for

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