[plt-dev] help with embedding the DrScheme's C API in windows

From: Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari (mohto at ida.liu.se)
Date: Tue Dec 1 09:31:57 EST 2009



I’m trying to compile and run an example from DrScheme manual (Inside PLT
Scheme), the attached file.

However when I compile it with Visual Studio and try to evaluate an scheme
expression then I get the following fault code.

>mzcscheme_b.exe  (+ 3 3) 

#f::0: read: expected a `)' to close `('

Seg fault (internal error) at -33333330


Does anyone know why this happens.


On the other hand if I exclude the base.c and send the expression as a file
then the mzc can evaluate the scheme expression and respond to it

via the command v = scheme_load(argv[i]).


I’ve created the base.c file via the command prompt C:\APPL\PLT\mzc.exe --vv
--3m  --c-mods  base.c  ++lib  scheme/base

Both with the –3m flag and without but with the same result.


My guess is that the file base.c is not generated correctly, but does anyone
knows howelse I can generate it?



Best Regards and thanks in advance






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