[plt-dev] order of module requires

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Wed Apr 22 14:27:29 EDT 2009

That is not what I want. There may be other programs requiring the same module. I prefer the method of delaying execution by making 
required modules to do nothing else than expor procedures (or macros)  and make the top level module invoke the exported/imported 
procedures. Now that I follow this method I no longer have any problem. This gives me full control of the order of side effects. 
Hence I make a distictions between top level modules and requirds modules. Non top modules must not producd side effects. They may 
export procedures that produce side effects, but these procedures will be called by the top level module only. (mho)

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> On Apr 22, Jos Koot wrote:
>> It appears that modules are not run in the same order as they are
>> required. This can give trouble when modules have side effects, for
>> instance one module writing a file and the other one reading that
>> file. As an example:
>> File module-sequence1.ss
>> #lang scheme
>> (printf "module 1~n")
>> File module-sequence2.ss
>> #lang scheme
>> (printf "module 2~n")
>> File module-sequence12.ss
>> #lang scheme
>> (require "module-sequence1.ss")
>> (require "module-sequence2.ss")
>> ;Displays:
>> ;module 2
>> ;module 1
> There is another solution here besides thunks: if you want the first
> module to be running first, then make the second one require it.
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