[plt-dev] Moving archive URLs

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Apr 7 01:46:33 EDT 2009

On Apr  5, David Van Horn wrote:
> I just noticed that the plt-scheme list archive URLs have shifted!
> You can see the difference by looking at what is in the Google cache
> vs. what is at the actual link for the second item here:
> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=embedded+images+image-snip%25+dvanhorn
> Is there anyway to undo this?  If not, is there anyway to ensure the
> URLs don't shift in the future?
> I link to the archive frequently and now all those links are broken.

This turned out to be due to a reindexing that was needed to remove
some messages -- and according to the brown sysadmins, mailman doesn't
try to make old urls persist.

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