[PLT announcement] PLT Scheme v299.400

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Sep 10 07:35:42 EDT 2005

PLT Scheme v299.400 is now available from


THIS IS A v300 ALPHA RELEASE.  Teachers and students using DrScheme
with "How to Design Programs" should wait for the final v300 release,
which will occur close to a new semester.  This release is to make a few
bug fixes available.

* Fixed a bug that could corrupt files saved in DrScheme's binary
  format (as opposed to plain text).  The bug was specific to Windows
  and version 299.200.

* Fixed a bug in foreign vectors on Mac OS X.

* The configuration file for the web-server has changed.  Please refer
  to the documentation or the included default for the change.

The v300 series (including v299.400) is incompatible with the v200
series.  The most significant incompatibilities include (1) support
for Unicode breaks old programs that treat characters as bytes or
pathnames as strings; (2) case-sensitivity is now the default; and (3)
the built-in exception hierarchy has been revised.

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