[PLT announcement] PLT Scheme v206 available

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jan 27 02:16:49 EST 2004

PLT Scheme v206 is now available from



 * The Stepper now supports HtDP's intermediate student language level
   (which includes higher-order functions and local bindings)

 * Program text in DrScheme is now colored "on the fly" as you edit.
   This coloring reflects read-level properties of the program.  For
   context sensitive coloring (and arrows), continue to use Check

 * The test suite support has been completely re-done.  Rather than a
   separate test suite window, test cases are now integrated into the
   main DrScheme window.

 * The PLT Suite now includes a new tool for giving presentations:
   Slideshow.  As LaTeX is to Word, so Slideshow is to Powerpoint
   (except using Scheme as the extension language, rather than TeX

 * Search results in Help Desk are now language-sensitive.

 * ProfessorJ now includes the ProfessorJ Advanced language, as well
   as documentation outlining what constructs are allowed in the three
   teaching languages. Improved editor support makes editing Java
   programs easier than before.

 * DrScheme now includes the OpenSSL and OpenGL interface (sgl)
   libraries on all platforms, and the MysterX and MzCom libraries for
   Windows only.

 * Mac OS 9 is no longer supported.

For more detailed changes, see the "notes" subdirectory of the

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