[racket] problems with the term 'symbol'

From: Bryan Coutts (b2coutts at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Mon Oct 13 12:00:23 EDT 2014

Since ' expands to quote, '#(1 xyz) is really just shorthand for (quote (1
xyz)). Note that quote recursively quotes its arguments; for the same
reason that '(a b) is a list that contains the *symbols* 'a and 'b, '#(1
xyz) is a vector that contains 1 and the symbol 'xyz.

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Christian Wagenknecht <
c.wagenknecht at hszg.de> wrote:

> With regard of Racket's symbols I have a problem with the consistency of
> the terminology as follows.
> A symbol in Scheme and maybe in earlier Racket versions is considered as
> an identifier. For example xyz is a symbol, whereas 'xyz avoids the
> evaluation of xyz.
> In current version the little ' (normally as shorthand for quote) belongs
> to the symbol. For example 'xyz is a symbol. A symbol is obviously
> considered as a quoted identifier, at least syntactically.
> However, when using a symbol as part of an expression the prepending '
> disappears. For example: (vector 1 'xyz), consisting of a number and a
> symbol evaluates to '#(1 xyz). But xyz is not a symbol but an identifier.
> Therefore to say that this vector belongs of a number and a symbol is no
> longer valid. (vector-ref '#(1 xyz) 1) returns 'xyz, which is correct,
> however, this is also visually a difference where there is none.
> Could you help me to get it right, please?
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