[racket] Setting LaTeX Prefix, style and extra files from within file in DrR

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (spdegabrielle at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 9 19:23:06 EDT 2014


Is is possible to use "(part (style #f (list (make-latex-defaults ..." to
set the LaTeX prefix (and style and extra files) from within a scribble

My example below gets a contract violation because I've not specified a
style or any extra files.

I can see the examples of it being done as a language for JFP and Book, but
I can't work out how to just do it in the preamble if my scribble file. (I
don't really want to create a new #lang)

kind regards,


#lang scribble/base
@(require scribble/core

@(define setup-tma
    (style #f (list (make-latex-defaults
  (string->bytes/utf-8 (string-append

@(require "pr-slides.rkt" scribble/latex-properties)
@title{Math Assignment 1}
@author{Prabhakar Ragde}
@section{First Test}
This @emph{should} be a formula: @math-in{x^2 + y^2}.
@section{Second Test}

(struct latex-defaults (prefix style extra-files)

    #:extra-constructor-name make-latex-defaults)  prefix : (or/c bytes?
path-string?      (cons/c 'collects (listof bytes?)))  style : (or/c bytes?
path-string?      (cons/c 'collects (listof bytes?)))  extra-files : (listof
 (or/c path-string?              (cons/c 'collects (listof bytes?))))

Used as a style property on the main part of a document to set a default
prefix file, style file, and extra files (see Configuring Output). The
defaults are used by the scribblecommand-line tool for and --latex or
--pdf mode
if none are supplied via --prefix and --style (where extra-files are used
only when prefix is used). A byte-string value is used directly like file
content, and a path can be a result of path->main-collects-relative.
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