[racket] OS level pipes and named pipes

From: Richard Wossal (richard at r-wos.org)
Date: Sun Sep 30 07:12:57 EDT 2012


I recently tried to create unix named pipes (aka fifos) from within
Racket. I couldn't find anything in the docs about it so I did a
grep for 'mknod' and 'mkfifo' on the Racket sources and nothing turned
up. Am I missing something obvious here, or is creating fifos just not
(yet?) implemented?

On a somewhat related note, the docs for make-pipe[0] say that those
pipes are "not related to OS-level pipes (which are file-stream ports)".
However, the linked File Port docs don't say anything about pipes,
neither the anonymous nor the named version. It seems that the only
place where anonymous OS-level pipes are used in Racket is in
subprocess[1]. Maybe the note above make-pipe should link there instead?




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