[racket] How to Add to find-library-collection-paths?

From: Don Green (infodeveloperdon at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 24 12:43:14 EDT 2012

 I need (find-library-collection-paths) to return a list that includes the


 (find-library-collection-paths) ;returns:



 This path and directory exists:


 What file contains the paths found by: (find-library-collection-paths)?

If so, should I manually add a path to that file?


I tried:

(find-library-collection-paths '("/home/don/.plt-scheme/4.2.1/collects"))

but I think the above line needs to be in the .racketrc file.

I thought that .racketrc should be auto-loaded but it does not appear to
be, probably because it is outside any of my collects directory paths that
do resolve correctly.

(find-system-path 'init-file) ;=> #<path:/home/don/.racketrc>

Thus far I have been using 'require' to access files from 'collects'
directories, only. I have refrained from using 'load'.

 Is there some function I should be using to effectively load the .racketrc
initialization file?

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