[racket] Rationale behind missing string-trim

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu May 24 14:19:34 EDT 2012

About two weeks ago, Chad Albers wrote:
> Thanks Eli.  I'm happy you recognize the issue.
> I did write my own string-trim-both function using Racket's regexp as follows:
>   (define (string-trim-both string)
>     (cadr (regexp-match #px"[\\s]*(\\S+)[\\s]*" string)))

Note that this doesn't work right:

  -> (string-trim-both "  str ing  ")

> May not be the best, but it works.  Even though it's easy to
> implement, my issue was why it wasn't included.  I guess I'm just
> used to such utilities functions being provided for free in the
> language I usually  work in: Ruby.    I was surprised that I had to
> either 1) roll my own, or 2) require the srfi-13.

Sidenote: `string-trim', and several additional simplified string
functions is now in the repository and will be included in the next

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