[racket] remote tasks

From: HP Wei (hp at rentec.com)
Date: Sun May 13 15:53:34 EDT 2012

Would you please suggest to me some links so that I can
get some info or even better some sample racket codes for below task ?


Suppose I am on a master machine A
and there are two other machines B and C.

On A,  in racket,  I would like to programatically initiate
one server on B and another on C.
The 'server' is presumably a 'repl' that can execute a block
of code, sent from A.
[ Let's say security is not an issue here. ]

i.e. this is the intention:

     invoke-server-on B  and C  (via rsh or ssh)
     send-code B   (asynchronously)
     send-code C   (asynchronously)
     wait-for-result-from B and C
     kill-server-on B and C


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