[racket] XREPL on Windows

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun May 6 13:55:05 EDT 2012

On November 12th 2011, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> (Yeah, but like I said I have no experience with trying to get
> anything out of readline on windows.  (At least not outside of a
> cygwin terminal.))

Xrepl still just avoids using readline on windows -- and it seems that
the situation in cygwin is now a little worse...  The thing is that it
now ships with its own terminal application which Racket doesn't
recognize as a terminal (in the sense of `terminal-port?').  But more
than that, the dll is in a weird place and has a weird name: it's in

The thing that makes it worse is that this terminal implementation
suffers from the common problem that plagued old terminals: the arrow
keys send escape codes to the application, but when these escapes are
printed the cursor moves to where you'd expect it to move.  (For
example, run "cat" and then enter "foo<UP>bar<RET>" and see what

So my conclusion, for now, is that I don't see any way to make it
work, so I think that it's hopeless to get readline to work there.
Given that this looks like a common problem, I hope that things will
improve in a more transparent way.

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