[racket] Distributing an app with required fonts

From: Kieron Hardy (kieron.hardy at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 1 15:57:54 EDT 2012

Thanks for the info Robby and Matthias.

Since my needs right now are simple, I'll look at the API and maybe I can cobble together enough of an installation script of sorts using Racket, rather than go the usual route of building an installer using VS or whatever. BTW, this SO thread (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3767/what-is-the-best-choice-for-building-windows-installers) has some discussion on tools I hadn't heard of that might be worth a look. What does Racket use for its Windows installer?

WRT fonts: AFAIK the only way for Windows to see a font is to copy the font file to the special Windows font dir, But that probably does not account for programs like Word that can somehow bundle the font used along with the document text.



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