[racket] I think I found a bug in the JITC

From: Marijn (hkBst at gentoo.org)
Date: Mon Jan 30 09:57:32 EST 2012

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On 30-01-12 15:21, Erik Dominikus wrote:
> Source code for reproducing attached. 'racket --version' shows
> 5.2. I built from source.
> The expected result is a list, but Racket gave this error message 
> instead:
> internal error: flonum position not found
> === context === 
> /kage/racket-5.2/collects/racket/private/stream-cons.rkt:42:0: 
> stream-force 
> /kage/racket-5.2/collects/racket/private/stream-cons.rkt:79:0: 
> stream-null? 
> /kage/racket-5.2/collects/racket/private/for.rkt:388:2: 
> unsafe-stream-not-empty? /home/erik/scheme/bug.rkt:12:0: for-loop 
> /home/erik/scheme/bug.rkt: [running body]
> and upon seeing that message for the first time, I was dumbstruck.
> I was quite sure that I made no transgression since I was using the
> library normally as documented, so I took 'internal error' as a
> bug. After tracing the error message to line 656 of the file 
> src/racket/src/jitstate.c, I thought the bug is in the JITC. It
> turns out that disabling the JITC (racket -j) produces the expected
> result, so I'm somewhat more sure that the bug is in the JITC.
> In advance, I'd like to thank the people who will fix this bug, if
> it is really a bug.

Hi Erik,

I tried reproducing this bug from the attached code and found that it
works for me with today's master. This may mean that there is a bug in
the jit compiler only on the specific platform you are on (or that it
was already fixed), so you should prolly specify which platform you
are using,

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