[racket] corrupted filenames command-line error messages

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Jan 28 10:38:40 EST 2012

Any idea why this Racket command line error message doesn't give a 
proper filename?

Let's say that the filename is "xxxx-invoice-style-3.rkt".  I get an 
error message that looks like this (with "[...]" used here to redact 
info from the actual error message):

procedure ...oice-style-3.rkt:169:27: expects 2 arguments, given 3: [...]

If it matters, this error is occurring in code like:

     (lambda (aaa)
       (apply (lambda (bbb ccc)    ; <== LINE 169

If you don't immediately know where the cause might be in the Racket 
interpreter, then I'd suspect that the "html-template" macro is somehow 
corrupting the location info (e.g., resulting in an (non-)inferred 
procedure name somehow getting where the filename should be in the error 
message), and so I'd audit "html-template" in that case.


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