[racket] Redex on Windows - problem with GraphViz /find-executable-path

From: Rodolfo Carvalho (rhcarvalho at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 17 15:20:31 EST 2012

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 18:03, Jos Koot <jos.koot at telefonica.net> wrote:

> Thanks Rodolfo for your interest in lc-with-redex. I discovered the same
> problem long ago, but made not any comment on it because I did not need fix
> layout (or at least I think so, because I don't know what fix layout should
> do. In many respects I am very ignorant :)
> Thanks Robby for the push. I'll have a look as soon as the next nightly
> build is available. May be it will clarify to me what fix layout is for.

After manually patching collects/redex/private/dot.rkt and running raco
make dot.rkt, the error message disappeared.
However I couldn't figure out what 'fix layout' was supposed to do (I was
trying to use it just because I am a curious person).

Apparently, no matter which option I choose from dot, neato, neato - hier
and neato - ipsep, clicking on Fix Layout produces no visible outcome.
I thought it would rearrange the graph... but even after manually moving
things around, clicking the button has no visible effect.

It was also strange to me that the boxes with reductions were not
read-only, so I could freely edit (remove/change/add) the contents.

Rodolfo Carvalho
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