[racket] Whither ProfessorJ

From: Tom Maynard (tom at maynard.com)
Date: Mon Jan 16 23:59:01 EST 2012

Well, not only ProfJ, but also Viera K. Proulx and her publications, 
like "Design of Class Hierarchies" and "How to Design Class Hierarchies" 
and K.E.Gray's "ProfessorJ: A Gradual Intro to Java..." -- or even 
"Compiling Java to PLT Scheme?"

Has all this hard work gone to waste?

Will there ever be another (follow-on) ProfessorJ, or derivative work? 
(Including text, including software?) And what of Matthew Flatt? 
Graduated, gone and forgotten? What a shame, what a loss. Who will take 
up the slack?

P.S. Since M.Flatt is a list moderator perhaps he has not disappeared 
into the mists.  But what of the other contributors?

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