[racket] Handin Server + PLAI problem

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Sat Jan 14 16:43:10 EST 2012

Was this ever resolved? I see the same thing and it is a problem for my class.

I'll reiterate what John said: calling this function seems to be the
issue; the handin server works fine otherwise. Here's the
implementation of this function, which seems pretty innocuous.

(provide/contract (print-only-errors (() (boolean?) . ->* . void?)))
(define (print-only-errors [print? true])
  (set! print-only-errors? print?))


On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 3:28 PM, Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> wrote:
> Four hours ago, John Clements wrote:
>> I'm having a problem using PLAI plus the handin server.
>> Specifically, it looks like using (print-only-errors #t) in my code
>> triggers the error
>> submit error: Error in your code --
>> current-directory: `exists' access denied for /home/clements/class/handin/
>> [...]
>> In fact, I get the same error when I strip it down to simply
>> querying the parameter, with (print-only-errors).  However, it's not
>> *all* parameters that trigger the error; I can submit code
>> containing (current-error-port) without incident. I've taken a quick
>> look at the code, and I can't see how setting this parameter would
>> trigger a call to current-directory.
> I think that there's some problem where racket will look for its
> executable in the current $PATH which leads to these problems.
> Initially I thought that a solution would be to allow 'exists access
> to all directories in the $PATH, but that sounds shaky, especially if
> it changes.
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