[racket] help using xml-rpc:1:2

From: Maurizio Giordano (maurizio.giorda at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 13 08:16:37 EST 2012

Hi All,
Hi Jay,

I tried to download/install the (jaymccarthy) xml-rpc (1.2) planet
package in my racket (v.5.1) and I get the following error:

> (require (planet jaymccarthy/xml-rpc:1:2))
.racket/planet/300/5.1/cache/jaymccarthy/xml-rpc.plt/1/2/server-core.rkt:50:5: compile: unbound identifier in module in: make-response/full

=== context ===

I downloaded/installed/tested the same package in racket v.5.0.1 and it
works fine.

Do you now if the xml-rpc package works in racket v.5.2 as well?

I am using different racket versions (under Ubuntu Linux)
since I am testing xmlrpc client and servers programs running on
different machines.
I also used in racket 5.1 the xmlrpc (schematics) package but I am
experiencing some incompatibilities between the two packages.  

Thanks for any help you can offer,



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