[racket] Teach yourself Racket in Fixnum Days?

From: Giuseppe Paleologo (paleologo at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 5 21:51:52 EST 2012

I am a new Racket user. I am reading the Racket Guide, but I was wondering
if a shorter guide is available somewhere, perhaps not as comprehensive.
Something like "Teach yourself Racket in Fixnum Days?" or "Core Racket",
"Racket: the good parts" [I know, all Racket parts are good].  If not, I'll
keep reading the Guide.

A bit of personal information, which could be of interest to identify the
potential Racket demographics. Currently I am using mostly R, but have used
at least a half dozen languages. Racket is particularly attractive for
being an elegant LISP like Scheme, but with batteries included (language
extensions, libraries), an active community, a passionate development team
and even an IDE.


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