[racket] info.rkt planet-version variable?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Jan 4 03:48:40 EST 2012

Would it be a good idea to officially add to "info.rkt" a 
"planet-version" variable, which indicates that the directory tree 
corresponds to a particular PLaneT package and version?

For example:

     (define planet-version 'joebob/soundex:1:=2)

The "=" in this example is optional.

I currently use an unofficial variable like this (called 
"mcfly-planet"), in generating PLaneT package documentation, and for 
managing development links.  I plan to also use this variable for making 
uploads to PLaneT with some safety checks.

Perhaps other tools would also like to use this information.  And 
perhaps they'd prefer to use an official variable, not an ad-hoc 
variable that's named specific to my documentation tool.

If there's going to be an official "planet-version" variable, I'd like 
to start using it.  Or I can keep using "mcfly-planet" or something 
unofficial-looking like that.


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