[racket] input requested on tools for Racket library developers

From: Doug Williams (m.douglas.williams at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 3 10:37:14 EST 2012

I guess the only additional thing I can think of is to also tie McFly into
the bug tracker. What I am thinking is to also have the issue resolution
embedded in the source files. Is there a preview of the embedded
documentation available for us to look at and comment on now. [Forgive me
if it has been posted before and I missed it.]


On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org> wrote:

> If you develop Racket libraries, or would like to, this is a request for
> input...
> I want to make it easier for myself and others to develop reusable Racket
> libraries that wind up in PLaneT in a timely manner.
> The initial problem was to make it easier to do documentation, by embedded
> it in the source files and not having to repeat info (e.g., info already
> captured in contracts or in Typed Racket info).  This, called McFly, has
> been close to complete, and is waiting for a few more features and for
> polish before people start using it and I can't change things easily
> anymore.
> The next problem is how to *easily* and *reliably* manage PLaneT
> development links for lots of these packages, including sets of packages
> updated together, which solution I decided to add to McFly, since McFly
> already put PLaneT version information into "info.rkt".  This is mostly
> complete. There is now a "raco mcfly dev-links" (or "racket mcfly dl")
> command, to update PLaneT development links based on "info.rkt" files in
> zero or more specified directory trees (or current directory), information
> the PLaneT server has about current versions, and existing development
> links.  Here's an example run:
> $ raco mcfly dl
> Searching directory "/home/user/racket/"...
> Keeping unknown development links (not overridden):
>  neil/soundex:1:=4  /fake/path/one
> Keeping specified development links:
>  neil/mcfly:1:=0  /home/user/racket/mcfly
>  neil/mcfly-tools:1:=0  /home/user/racket/mcfly-tools
> Not adding specified development links (on PLaneT server):
>  neil/html-parsing:1:=2  /home/user/racket/html-parsing
> REMOVING specified development links (on PLaneT server):
>  neil/soundex:1:=3  /home/user/racket/soundex
> REMOVING unknown development links (to be overridden):
>  neil/postnet:1:=2  /fake/path/two
> ADDING specified development links:
>  neil/postnet:1:=2  /home/user/racket/postnet
> There will be misc. other "raco mcfly" commands, such as for building a
> package (with the additional stuff McFly does), building and viewing
> documentation, and releasing the package to the PLaneT (including being
> safe about expected version number and what files are included).
> So, before I release McFly, and some things get set in stone, I was
> wondering whether anyone had any input on things they'd like to see in it.
>  (The scope of McFly is no longer well-defined -- something like 'useful
> additional tools for Racket library developers' -- so difficult to say what
> does and does not belong in McFly.)
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