[racket] Some questions about PLaneT

From: Deren Dohoda (deren.dohoda at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 25 08:07:38 EDT 2012

Dear list members,

I have some code that I think might be nice to have up on PLaneT. Of
course I'd be willing to maintain it or add features as necessary. But
I have some questions and I'd like to understand how people view
PLaneT packages.

1) I have a library for generating natural splines from points for
interpolation. In part, it depends on a polynomial library I made
which I am less enamored with (more of a "it is naively written"
versus "it isn't very usable"). Should I upload both packages
separately, or just make a local version for this package? (e.g.
private folder) Only two procedures are ever utilized from this
secondary file, should I consider just bringing them in but not
exporting them?

2) Is there an expectation of heavy error-handling and use of
contracts for PLaneT packages? I didn't do this but I'd be happy to if
there's a strong expectation of it.

3) If a program I write locally depends on a PLaneT package, how does
raco exe/distribute handle this? (Couldn't find this info in the

Thanks for opinions and help,

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