[racket] help with building racket on Solaris-Sparc

From: HP Wei (hp at rentec.com)
Date: Sun Apr 22 15:04:38 EDT 2012

I am stuck during the process of building racket-5.2.1
on a sparc machine running SunOS 5.10.

gcc = gnu 4.3.2
ld  = gnu 2.21


The process stops at this directory:

it has mach_dep1.lo,  and mach_dep2.lo
and tries to do
./if_mach SPARC "" ld -r -o mach_dep.lo mach_dep1.lo mach_dep2.lo

-->  mach_dep1.lo: file not recognized: File format not recognized

I looked at the file content of mach_dep1.lo and mach_dep2.lo
Both are ascii text file.
And mach_dep1.lo leads me to   .libs/mach_dep1.o
and first few bytes of 'od -c .libs/mach_dep1.o' are

177 E L F 001 002  001 ...


Is this ld issue ?

Any suggestion how I can proceed ?


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