[racket] Moving beyond world/universe

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (stephen.degabrielle at acm.org)
Date: Mon Apr 9 06:16:03 EDT 2012


I thought I'd try a simple GUI app using the world/universe mutation-free
approach,  but trying to implement the 'world/universe' program design

I've got my little sketch below, but I quickly came to conclusion that
while I could use the teachpack, I don't know how to achieve the teachpack
functionality myself.

I'm guessing I should use continuations, but that doesn't seem to be the
approach in the universe.rkt source.

I could always just stuff the program into the canvas class, (as earlier
games like slidey and same seem to do), but I really want to get a handle
on  how to implement the 'world/universe' style of program control.

Any suggestons would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


#lang racket/gui

; simple drawing program
; mousedown starts recording a list of points
; mousechanged starts recording a new list
; paint callback paints the list of lists as lines.

(define diagramframe (new frame% [label "paint"] [width 300] [height 300]
[x 1000][y 300]))

;(define lines '(((0 . 0) (0 . 300) (250 . 250) (150 . 176))))
(define lines '(((0 . 0) (0 . 300) (250 . 250) (150 . 176))
                ((10 . 4) (280 . 10))))

(define paintcanvas%
  (class canvas%
    (init-field mouse-event-callback)
    (define dc (send this get-dc))
    (define/override (on-event mouse-event)
      (mouse-event-callback mouse-event))))

(define (paint-cb c dc)
  (for-each (λ (line) (send dc draw-lines line)) lines))

(define (me-cb mouse-event)
  (let ((x (send mouse-event get-x))
        (y (send mouse-event get-y)))
    (when (and (send mouse-event get-left-down)
               (send mouse-event moving?))
      (if (send mouse-event button-changed?)
          ; if true append as new list
          ; if false append existing list

(define Paintcanvas (new paintcanvas%
                         [parent diagramframe]
                         [paint-callback paint-cb]
                         [mouse-event-callback me-cb]))

(define (main world)
 (when world (main (??? world)))
  (send diagramframe show #t))

(main lines)

(send diagramframe show #t)

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