[racket] release date for RacketCon videos?

From: Nadeem Abdul Hamid (nadeem at acm.org)
Date: Wed Apr 4 12:54:02 EDT 2012

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 11:35 AM, Greg Hendershott
<greghendershott at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sometimes I've wondered if it would help to have someone designated in
> a "product marketing" role. Even if it would be only a part-time or
> school-seasonal position.

I was thinking exactly this too this past weekend, in the context of
CS curriculum and education - I gave a presentation of my RacketUI
library at the ACM Southeast conference (http://cs.ua.edu/acmse2012/
). Based on a quick poll at the beginning of my talk, there were lots
of people who taught intro CS but no one had heard of Racket or
Program-by-Design. There were other presentations, and people talked
about and were familiar with things like Greenfoot, Alice, Python,
etc. But I was thinking that PBD needs to get more exposure somehow.
I'm not exactly sure how, but it would be nice to have a wider breadth
of computing faculty across the nation be at least familiar with the
option, even if they choose not to adopt it, or adopt it in some
modified form. (On Racket - one of the questions I got after my
presentation was that it seemed like the examples I presented involved
strings and images, but perhaps this wasn't a good environment for
people who want to teach in a context that involves numerical
computations? Eyes widened a little when I talked about arbitrary
precision integers, exact and inexact arithmetic, built-in complex
numbers, etc.)

--- nadeem

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