[racket] using scribble --pdf on Windows

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 25 14:46:37 EDT 2011

Sorry, should have pointed that out.  No, I don't see a log file.
There are no output files of any sort when scribble is done.  I would
have anyway thought scribble was doing all this in some tmp directory
somewhere else.

Aha, I just found out that there's a scribble --latex option.  I ran
that and it produced a .tex file, which went through pdflatex without
a problem (yes, I used the explicit path to pdflatex printed by
DrRacket), and the resulting PDF looks good.  So the problem is
presumably in the interaction between scribble and pdflatex.

Running scribble --pdf in that same directory, however, still produces
the same error, reinforcing my belief that scribble is running
pdflatex in some temp directory where it's still looking for a
non-existent .log.

[Incidentally, I found out about --latex from running scribble --help.
 This claims that the default is --text.  I believe this is wrong: the
default appears to actually be --html.]


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