[racket] bitmap% and OpenGL. Maybe bug?

From: Stephan Houben (stephanh at planet.nl)
Date: Thu Sep 22 05:42:31 EDT 2011

Hi Peter,

You are supposed to use make-gl-bitmap to get
a bitmap for which a gl context can be created.

Otherwise you may or may not get GL ability in your bitmap.


On 09/22/2011 05:38 AM, Ivanyi Peter wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am using Racket 5.1 on Windows.
> I have a program which renders an OpenGL image into a bitmap. The following used to work in
> PLT-Scheme.
> (define a (make-object bitmap% 100 100 #f))
> (define b (new bitmap-dc% (bitmap a)))
> (send b get-gl-context)
> Now it returns #f.
> Is it a bug or feature?
> Is there any way that I can make it work again easily?
> Thanks,
> Peter Ivanyi
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