[racket] Code compiled for version ~a, not ~a

From: Guillaume Marceau (gmarceau at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 17 21:11:25 EDT 2011

> Are these files in the collects tree or elsewhere?

I have separate collects trees for each version.

Occasionally, I do get the error in the collect tree for my git repo.

Earlier today I did,

  git pull
  <compile src/workspc10>
  ./raco setup -D

and received the version error for
collects/planet/private/compiled/resolver.zo, which suggests there
might be a bug in raco.

> drracket should be taking care of this for you (unless you turn off the
> automatic compilation option).

Sounds like the behavior I see is a bug then.

Could it be the code that checks whether a directory is a subdirectory
of another breaks under Windows?

There is a different bug under Window I meant to report that might be
related. If I set PLTCOLLECTS with forward slashes, a directory
inclusion test somewhere returns #f instead of #t and I get the error:

    $ echo $PLTCOLLECTS
    $ export PLTCOLLECTS='c:/documents/collects;'
    $ /c/Program\ Files/Racket-5.1.3/raco setup -l logging-tool
    omitted-paths: given directory path is not in any collection root:
#<path:c:\documents\collects\= Archive>

If I use backslashes, the error goes away. DrRacket is not affected.
It boots correctly with either forward or backslashes.

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