[racket] how can we modify the example from the reference

From: André Mayers (andre.mayers at usherbrooke.ca)
Date: Sun Sep 11 20:18:42 EDT 2011

In the section : Macro-Introduced Bindings

the example below give the following error 
"define-syntaxes: context (defining "odd.1", ...) expected 2 values,
received 0 values"

 (define-syntax defs-and-uses
    (syntax-rules ()
        ; Declare before definition via no-values define-syntaxes:
        (define-syntaxes (odd even) (values))
        (define (odd x) (if (zero? x) #f (even (sub1 x))))
        (define (even x) (if (zero? x) #t (odd (sub1 x))))
        (odd 17))]))

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