[racket] abstracting over codeblock

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Sep 8 21:03:11 EDT 2011

40 minutes ago, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:
> I'm trying to convert some old slatex'ed documents into scribble and
> running into trouble.  I don't seem to have a clear enough handle on
> how to use codeblock.
> I can, for instance, convert
>   \begin{schemedisplay}
>   foo
>   bar
>   \end{schemedisplay}
> into
>   @mycode{
>   foo
>   bar
>   }
> where
>   @(define(mycode . terms) (apply verbatim terms))
> works fine.  However, codeblock is syntax, not a function, so I can't
> just replace "verbatim" with "codeblock" above.  [...]

Using curly braces means that you're writing strings, in this case,
that's the same as:

  @(mycode "foo" "\n" "bar")

This works fine with functions like `vebatim' that expect strings as
their input.  Since `codeblock' expects code, and it's a macro that
does the quoting itself, then you'd need a macro to use it.  For

  @(define-syntax-rule (mycode code ...) (codeblock code ...))

The square brackets means that the body is read in "datum mode", using
plain sexpr syntax.

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