[racket] hosts with racket (or PLT-Scheme) support

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 8 08:00:12 EDT 2011

Asumu Takikawa <asumu at ...> writes:

> Their usage-based billing is nice for small volume
> sites and they scale the per-MB cost so that high-volume sites are
> practical too.

Actually, I think the whole hosting topic is more important than it
may seem. IMHO, web programming has been a niche for non-mainstream
languages to show off (think of Ruby, think of Paul Graham's articles
... well actually I think most scripting languages gained a lot of
momentum due to successful running examples in the wild). Among the
reasons for that, people often cite that your users won't care what is
installed on your server as long as the app works.

But, of course, that is only true if you are willing to host your app,
which is not the most common case. From my (albeit limited) commercial
web programming experience (a couple of RoR apps I developed as a
freelance when RoR wasn't that popular), if you're honest to your
contractors, you will need to tell them about the tradeoff between a
(cheaper/faster/more flexible/scalable/reliable... depending on the
technology) initial development cost, vs a higher recurring hosting
expense. LAMP stack based hosts being so cheap, and fixed, recurring
costs being so scary, most of them just won't accept.

So, again IMHO, finding a low-cost hosting that allowed making use of
Racket's web server unique features (I'm thinking of continuations,
mainly) would be great...


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